Complimentary Vaccines

Free Vaccine slide

At Briarcliff Animal Clinic, we believe that a Wellness exam performed by a veterinarian is the most important aspect of your pet’s wellness care, and we don’t want the cost of vaccines to stand between your pet and the doctor any longer. Because of this, we have changed our Wellness Physical Exam price to $70 and are now offering complimentary vaccines. Yes, you read that right, all vaccines at Briarcliff Animal Clinic in College Park are now FREE!

Wellness Exam $70
*A wellness exam is required for all complimentary vaccines
Rabies $0
Bordatella $0
Distemper $0
Parvo $0
Leptospirosis $0
Feline Leukemia $0
Additional Wellness Services
Fecal Exam $47.50
Heartworm Test $47.50

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