Feb 19 2009

Think You May Be Able To Foster?

If you cannot adopt any of our adoptable pets or give monetary donations to Briarcliff Animal Foundation, but still want to help, please consider fostering. Fostering can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Briarcliff Animal Foundation will pay for food and any medical expenses, and all you have to do is treat this pet like it is part of your family until we find it a “forever” home. You may have this foster pet anywhere from a week to a couple of months, or even longer in some cases. For more information, please e-mail Lindsay at lhyatt@thebac.net or Richard at Rfischhof@thebac.net. Our goal is to get all of our adoptable pets out of the kennels and into foster homes until they find permanent homes.

For more information about any of these pets, please look on our petfinder webpage.

Steps for becoming a foster parent:

  1. Contact Richard Fischhof (fish-off) at Briarcliff Animal Clinic (404-874-6393). You may also contact Michael Chapman at 404-378-1375.
  2. Set up a home inspection with Richard Fischhof or Michael Chapman.
  3. Meet the adoptable animals. (can be done before the home inspection)
  4. Choose an animal to foster.
  5. Take your foster pet home!
  6. Make sure that you exercise and socialize your foster pet.
  7. Enjoy your foster pet until we find it a permanent home!

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