Nov 09 2012

Getting Acquainted

Animals have a way of working themselves into the fabric of our lives.  Keeping our animals healthy is important.  Knowing the right way to keep them healthy and knowing who to trust when they get sick is a big deal.  This blog was created with this concern in mind.  Since animals are supposed to enrich our lives, I want to allow this blog to be a tool towards that goal: educate, inform, enrich relationships – and still have a good time in the process!

But before getting down to the nitty-gritty of blogging, let me start with a few basics.  I am the Medical Director at Briarcliff Animal Clinic, and live in the neighborhood near Woodward Academy (Go War Eagles!).  Since coming to Briarcliff Animal Clinic in College Park almost three years ago, I have enjoyed the neighborhood feel of this location, and have loved bonding with the animals and the people at the end of their leashes (or carriers – can’t forget the cats!).  I enjoy this about being a veterinarian, and have seen firsthand the bond that animals have with their owners. 

Of course, being a veterinarian isn’t all about cuddling cute kittens and puppies (although that is fun).  Veterinary medicine is unpredictable, and that is part of what makes it rewarding to practice.  A typical day could include extracting teeth, diagnosing and removing bladder stones, lancing abscesses, diagnosing metabolic disorders, dealing with end of life issues, and restraining upset animals with very sharp teeth.  I love it!  The different circumstances, the active pace, and the ability to change the life of the pet or owner in almost every interaction make for a very satisfying experience.

Welcome to the blog.  We will try to post good content with you, the animal lovers, in mind a couple of times a week.  Let us know if you want us to focus on any specific topic!

Doc Cleland

ePet Websites Admin | College Park Vet Blog

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