Nov 28 2012

Peanut's Story, Part 2

X-Ray of Peanut's Jaw

X-Ray of Peanut's Jaw

For those of you following Peanut’s story, above is a radiograph of Peanut’s Jaw before the surgery. It’s extremely hard to see from an image like this but the bone directly under Peanut’s chin has¬†separated. Basically, his jaw has been split in half, right down the middle!!! At Briarcliff, we see these types of injuries alot when a cat takes a nasty fall from a considerable height. But Peanut could also have been hit by a car, based on a few bruises to his side.

Peanut underwent surgery shortly after “Peanut’s Story, Part 1” was posted on Monday. He is currently resting with his jaw wired shut, and doing exceptionally well. The whole Briarcliff team has been rooting for Peanut, and we’re extremely relieved that he’s recovering so beautifully.

Peanut after Surgery

Peanut after Surgery

For now, Peanut will be fostered by the two Emory Law students who found him injured beneath their porch. But Peanut still needs a permanent place to call home where he’ll be loved and cared for. If you’re interested in adopting Peanut into your family, call or visit Briarcliff Animal Clinic.¬†404- 835-1216.

We’ll give you another Peanut’s Story update soon— hopefully describing Peanut’s happy ending with a new loving family.

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