Nov 29 2012

What we can learn from blood in fifteen minutes

Don’t worry, it won’t take you fifteen minutes to read the article.  I am talking about our in-house chemistry analyzer that gets us results in fifteen minutes or less.  I wanted to show this machine off mostly because I am constantly amazed that a machine this small will get great results in fifteen minutes – and it really comes in handy when an animal is really sick and we need immediate feedback about metabolic function.

Our Humble Chemistry Analyzer

Our Humble Chemistry Analyzer

You can see our analyzer above – very small.  It only takes about two to three drops of blood to run, and it really does take less than fifteen minutes for results.

Note the rotor and the small amount of blood that it takes.

Today we ran a profile on Max, the boxer, to make sure he is heartworm negative and to make sure his insides are in tip top shape.

Doesn’t he look handsome?


Max on paper –

The analysis includes:

  • Heartworm status
  • Liver Status (ALP, ALT, Total Bilirubin)
  • Kidney Status (Creatanine, Blood Urea Nitrogen)
  • Blood Sugar Status (Glucose)
  • Total Protein Evaluation (Albumin, Globulin)
  • Electrolyte Evaluation (Calcium, Phosphorus)

Of course, it is not comprehensive, but this is our heartworm wellness profile.  We do have comprehensive profiles for the really sick animals as well.  If an animal will give us three drops of blood and fifteen minutes, this can give us the most accurate idea of why our animal is sick, or it can let us know that a healthy dog is heartworm negative and all systems are functioning properly.  I will follow this post up with more of an explanation for what each of those values shows us, and with more of an explanation as to why we perform wellness bloodwork.

– Doc Cleland

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