Dec 07 2012

Trix's Story *UPDATE*

TRIX HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!! We couldn’t be happier that this little kitten is getting a family and home at last!

Meet our friend Trix

Trix 1


Unfortunately, Trix was not in the best shape when he came to Briarcliff Animal Clinic. You can see from his x-ray below that Trix suffered from a broken leg.  After surgery, however, Trix has healed remarkably well!  We’re all very pleased to inform our readers that Trix runs, jumps and plays with the other adoptable kittens as if his leg was never broken at all.

X-Ray of Trix's leg

X-Ray of Trix's broken leg

But Trix’s story isn’t over yet. He still needs a loving family to find him and bring him home. He is an extremely affectionate kitten who loves to be surrounded by people. A social little cat, Trix will play with just about everyone, whether they be human or animal. He would do very well in any home, big or small.

Those interested in rescuing Trix should be aware of his past injury and treat him with the love and tenderness he deserves.

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