Dec 11 2012

Spotlight: Rico Suave *Update*

Rico Suave has been adopted!!!! Congratulations Rico! We’re so glad you now have a loving family to go home with.

rico adult1

Ricardo (aka. Rico Suave) has been without a family for far too long! This

little guy has seen other kittens come and go, but still he has no home.

Frankly, we here at Briarcliff are surprised Rico hasn’t been snatched up by a loving parents already. With a calm, laid-back personality and an intense love for people, Rico Suave would make a great addition to ANY family. He’d do well in
a single-pet home

OR a home with other cats, dogs or children. Ricardo would even be perfect for older owners who want a low maintenance pet who enjoys cuddling into a lap for naps. Rico will bring an incredible amount of joy, laughter and love into any home.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Rico, please email

ePet Websites Admin | College Park Vet Blog

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