Jan 09 2013

What’s your diagnosis?

I saw a nine year old poodle mix the other day who had been breathing heavily for several days, coughing intermittently, and whose heart would not stop beating fast according to his very concerned owner.  He thought they both might just have colds (he had a cold for several days), but I was concerned it was something more.

After my physical exam, I wanted to take x-rays and run a basic blood panel.  The blood panel came back normal, and one of the x-rays we took is below.  I put a normal x-ray below the one we took for comparison, then the last x-ray is the original with problem areas highlighted.  If you are playing along, then make your guess as to what differences you see before looking at the highlighted x-ray.

Note: The dog is on his side, with his head facing to your left.

Same positioning as before

 What do you think it is?  What is going on in this sick puppy?  Guess on FB on in our comments section, and I will have the answer by Friday! – Doc Cleland

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