Jan 29 2013

Wellness Plans

Time to take a break from edumacatin’ and talk very briefly about Wellness Plans and their use in veterinary medicine (full disclosure, this is mostly a plug for our wellness plans, but we think its a good deal!).

The goal of a wellness plan is simple:  Keep your dog or cat healthy by providing best medical care on a regular basis.  This isn’t insurance, but instead it is a full service of what we believe will promote the healthiest pet.

Many insurance providers today are giving free well exams and are even offering rebate programs for people who are involved in regular screening.  They do this because they realize that a person who is practicing preventative medicine is much less likely to get sick and cost them lots of money.  Similarly, when we vaccinate and screen our furry family members regularly this is best for them and for our pocketbooks.  Now, many people do this regularly without a wellness plan, but this is our way to encourage people that prevantative care is where its at.

Our plan includes:

Unlimited Free Office Visits

All vaccines recommended

Heartworm Test (Canine)   FeLV/FIV Test (Feline)

Intestinal Parasite Checks (2) Dewormings (2)

Microchip Placement

Spay/Neuter or Dental

Wellness Labwork

The services are available at any time, and the payments come out on a monthly basis.  Think of it as a gym membership for your pet, but without the sweat.

Things that are not included:  Heartworm or flea product, diagnostics/tests/treatment for illness, or medications.

As with anything, Wellness Plans are not for everyone. But if you have an animal in the Tri-Cities, Union City, South Atlanta area and want to get more information about wellness plans, then give us a call or stop by!

– Doc Cleland

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