Mar 08 2013

Proheart – Even Better!

There is new news for Proheart that I am very excited about!  But first, some history… (I will try to keep it interesting)

Once upon a time, Proheart was released by Company A into the Heartworm Kindgom.  The doggie peasants and their owners rejoiced to have such a simple heartworm prevention that lasted for six months.  They gave it twice a year and were happy.  Then some of the animals in the kingdom had reactions to the product.  Company A did some testing, and the solution that the medication was suspended in was found to cause these reactions.  Instead of changing the formula, Company A gave the product up, and the Heartworm Kingdom grieved the loss of a good product.  However, the Kingdom of Responsible Drug Companies sent Pfizer to save the lost Heartworm Kingdom.  Pfizer reformulated the product, and put it through rigorous testing before and after getting it reapproved.  The Heartworm Kindgom was saved!  Heartworms were banished from the kindgom for the next six months!

– the end-

Now here comes the really good news…

Because of its history, Pfizer wanted everyone to be extra careful with the new product release.  One of the largest hurdles was the age – animals over 7 couldn’t have the proheart.  However, just recently this limitation, as well as several others, has been lifted.  Proheart has been given the green light for everything again!  This is a huge step of confidence for the drug, and it makes getting it to the animals that need it easier.  There are still risks, and I recommend discussing those with a veterinarian, but it is very good to see a great product finally restored to its original label and label-claims.  But for prevention of heartworms, which are huge here in South Atlanta, I am very happy.

– Doc Cleland

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