May 04 2013

Sit. Stay. Lose Weight.

I think almost everyone with an overweight dog or cat knows it.  Really, deep down inside, they will admit that their four-legged family member(s) could lose a few pounds.

“But it is so hard to say no when they look at me with those sad eyes!”

“They keep on begging for more food, so I finally give in.”

“They really don’t eat that much!”

Now for some disclaimers:  I know not every pet is overweight, I know that some pets can’t lose weight due to lifestyle or metabolic issues, and I know it is  HARD to say no to sad eyes.

But I think that there is help for many pets who are overweight.


Here is what’s new…Science Diet has done a lot of research in nutrogenomics:  the study of how nutrition turns genes on and off.  This research has been done for many diseases in people, but Science Diet decided to apply nutrition to the genes that make pets fat.

So they came out with a product, Metabolic Diet, that is formulated to turn on genes that amp up the metabolism and turn off genes that slow it down.  The best part about this diet is their results.  They fed this diet to a lot of animals owned by regular people, and told the owners to feed this diet for two months.

And almost every animal lost weight…

And the dogs and cats lost weight as fast as in laboratory controlled studies of “weight loss” products…

Without the laboratory…

Even when the owners were not told that this was a weight loss product…

The animals were not monitored for cheating from the owners, the animals got treats (Metabolic Diet has treats too), and the animals were not trying to eat the carpet they were so hungry.  In fact, 80% of people who fed their dogs the Metabolic Diet would recommend it to others to help their pets lose weight.

The other cool thing about this product is a tool for measuring healthy weight. The University of Tennessee studied how to quantify an animal’s ideal body weight.  Until now it has been guesswork for every veterinarian.  They came up with four to six measurements that we take from your pet, plug it in to the computer, and voila the accurate weight for the pet is established.

I am much more encouraged about helping pets lose weight at home when we combine knowing how much to feed your pet with feeding a diet that will help them lose weight and amp up their metabolism.

Let me know if you want to start a wieght loss program.  We can even try a biggest loser animal edition Briarcliff style!

– Doc Cleland

ePet Websites Admin | College Park Vet Blog

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