May 08 2013

Doggie’s Day at the Dentist!

A dental bedtime story:
Smiley*, a cute little border collie mix, came to the veterinarian for her routine exam, vaccines and wellness bloodwork .  (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent)  Everything was in tip top shape except the vet noticed some tartar build up on one side of her mouth.  Since all of Smiley’s annual wellness bloodwork looked great, she was all set for her big day at the dentist to get those teeth cleaned up.


Smiley all ready for her big day!  She already has her catheter in!
Smiley had to skip a meal that morning and arrived early at the veterinarian’s office.  She got a full exam to be sure everything was still in top working order.  Then, she received some medications to  help prepare her for anesthesia.  Next, an intravenous catheter was placed into her vein to assist in giving medications and fluids.
Smiley was then induced and a tube was placed in her trachea to protect her airway and to keep her asleep.  In addition, she was also hooked up to monitoring equipment such as a blood pressure monitor, heart rate, ECG, pulse ox, and a capnograph.
Smiley’s teeth before cleaning.  Can you see the tube protecting her airway?
Smiley’s teeth were cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and then polished to make them squeaky clean.
Smiley’s teeth are all cleaned up!  Can you see the fracture?
When her back molar was polished, a fracture was found  : (  This fracture was allowing bacteria to get into the pulp canal of the tooth and the tooth had become infected.  Ouch!
Can you see the hole?
This is the x-ray…if you look closely, the tips of the roots have a “halo” around them which indicated infection.
To prevent any further complications with the infection, the tooth was then extracted.  See the next post for the extraction story!
– Dr. Freihaut

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