Aug 06 2013

Microchipping Reunions

We have had a lot of happy endings around here lately.  I feel like the benefits of microchipping are always theoretical – “IF your dog gets loose … they have a microchip.”  “IF your indoor cat suddenly bolts out of the house and gets scared by a car and ends up in an unknown neighborhood … they have a microchip.”  “IF you are traveling and your dog jumps out of the window of your car and travels across the country homeward bound style and the animal control officer picks him up right as he is walking up your driveway …” well you get the picture.


Quarter on the left, actual microchip on the right.

However, we have had two microchip reunions from owners nowhere near us that have brought us from theoretical smack dab into practical, real-life uses for microchips.

Our first dog was found running around the tarmac at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  The dog was scared but unharmed when he was rescued.  He came here for a microchip scan and we found his owner through the number the microchip provided.  He had been missing for several days and got loose many miles south of the airport.

The second dog was found by a good Samaritan in a neighborhood near our clinic, then brought here and scanned.  When we called his owner based on the information the microchip provided, he informed us that he lived in Buckhead and had also been looking for his dog for several days.

So these things really do work!  They are great at reuniting owners who otherwise wouldn’t have a clue where their beloved animals went to.  Sometimes owners are concerned about cost vs return for the microchips, but based on these stories it seems like a great investment to me.

– Doc Cleland



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