Sep 18 2013

Briarcliff Animal Clinic, Open 24/7

I’ve been away from blogging regularly during the busy summer months, but plan to get back into it as the fall and winter come upon us.

So, to celebrate my return to blogging, I wanted to share two changes we are making – one at our College Park location and one at the Emory/Morningside location.

1.  Briarcliff Animal Clinic at the Emory/Morningside location is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

They stop taking regularly scheduled appointments at 9PM on the weekdays and at 5PM on the weekends, but you can walk in for anything during the night.  From bloat to bordetella, from seizures to sneezing, from heart failure to hives, or from vomiting to vaccines you can come in for anything you need at anytime.  There is a doctor waiting and ready to see your pet.  This comes in handy if you regularly go to the College Park location, but it is after hours.  They can access some of our medical records, vaccines, and labwork through their server; making it easier for them to quickly get a history and treat your pet.

Another benefit of the after hours care is the answering service.  Now if we are closed, you can talk to someone who can either make an appointment or leave a message for us at the College Park location or can get you in touch with someone at the Emory/Morningside location.

2.  Briarcliff is switching from Science Diet to Royal Canin for prescription diets.

This has been a weighty decision for us, but we believe it is best for the clinic and for your pets.  For us, we have found Royal Canin to be more palatable and tasty for your pets with medical conditions (which is important, because most prescription diets taste like cardboard, or so I am told…).   Royal Canin also has more options for each condition and does a better job supplying each diet with extra goodies to help these animals thrive.  As a bonus, we can get Royal Canin almost a full week earlier than Science Diet when we need it for a medical condition or a special order.  If that wasn’t enough, we just haven’t been that happy with Science Diet lately. Even Royal Canin kitten and puppy food has given our pets here at the clinic less diarrhea and has helped them thrive after being switched from the Science Diet Growth formulas.

I am not very good at conveying excitement in these announcements, but we are VERY excited about both of these developments.  We can now serve our clients with an emergency clinic that is still Briarcliff, and we can give our patients the best food possible!  Our recent change of hours at our College Park location was in preparation for the 24/7 hours at Briarcliff Emory.  We can now be open throughout the day, but you still have an emergency location open for the nights and weekends (especially Sunday)!

If you have questions about our new diets or our emergency clinic, give us a call!


– Doc Cleland

ePet Websites Admin | College Park Vet Blog

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