Oct 15 2013

10 Reasons To Foster/Rescue a Dog or Cat

So after my last cautionary title, I thought I would be fair and highlight the pros for adopting and fostering.  I hope I wasn’t too strict with my last post – its just that I have seen too many frazzled people who have rescued/fostered without thinking through the consequences (and I’ve seen too many poorly cared-for animals as a result).  So, if you pass the previous checklist, then here are 10 reasons that you SHOULD adopt/rescue/foster.

1.  You can still rescue specific breeds.

Breed-specific rescue groups are everywhere.  Not only are there plenty of purebred animals that go to specific groups, there are also plenty that end up end shelters for various reasons.  These purebreds are not necessarily better than the mixes, but if you are looking for a specific breed, you may not have to go to a breeder.

2.  Mixes and mutts are usually healthier than their purebred counterparts.

Typically, mixes have more “hybrid vigor.”  That is, their gene pool is a little more mixed up (in a good way) and there is less of a likelihood that many of the bred-specific heritable diseases will pass to the mixes.

3.  Animals are great stress relievers.

There has been research about how animals lower blood pressure, but I think that everyone with an animal would agree that their pet is an enrichment to their lives.



Source:  (http://www.infinitecat.com/comeek-images/ryo16.html)

4.  There are thousands of animals that need rescuing in our area.

How does rescuing just one make a difference?  Well , it makes a lot of difference for that one animal…

5.  You can find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Need a dog that doesn’t shed or cat that likes dogs?  Whatever size, shape, temperament, age, or socialization level you need for your current lifestyle, there are plenty of animals to choose from.  I guess that is the bright side of point #4 if there is one…

6.  Your aging animal needs a someone to keep them young.

With the right selection, older animals do well with a younger animal.  It makes them move more, play more, and generally become more active when they see how a young dog acts.  Just make sure that the new addition won’t be too rough or aggressive with your aging pet.

7.  Your kids need someone to make them grow up.

If you have children in the “they need to learn how to be responsible” age, what could be better than a dog?  It comes with rewards and it comes with a lot of lessons about responsibility – a perfect combination.  Just don’t let them trick you into scooping the poop.

8.  Companionship/Loyalty/ Protection/ Warmth/ Praise

Need I say more?

9.  Rescuing animals decreases the demand for breeders.

Not that all breeders are bad, but many breeders are poorly educated and are propagating the overpopulation of animals.  I won’t berate anyone for getting a purebred animal, but by rescuing instead of buying you help put a damper on an often poorly controlled industry.

10.  Animals need a good home.

If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend rescuing.  They could use a good, warm, loving home.

There are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of animals who need good homes.  If, after the last two blogs, you think that you have room in your house for a new addition then you sure do have plenty of reasons to change a life.

– Doc Cleland


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