Feb 13 2014

My Heart My Heart Is Failing, A Poem

My Heart, My Heart Is Failing

by:  Dog

(A poem about love and heart failure)


My heart, my heart is failing,

But not for want of love.

The valve has stopped its working,

And its sound is “whoosh”, not “dub”.


You gave me treats a’plenty,

And even got me groomed.

But my small breed doggie stature,

Has now become my doom.


When you were not looking,

I grew up all too fast.

My valves began to thicken,

And blood went rushing past.


The coughing sound I’m making,

Is caused by the disease.

As my heart gets bigger,

My wind-pipe feels the squeeze.


As the days wear on now,

my heart can’t compensate.

The blood is backing up,

And fluid seals my fate.


The vet he says don’t worry,

For my heart can bear the strain.

There are meds to ease the burden,

And my heart will love again.


My heart, my heart is failing,

Your love has brought me through.

Just like you’ve been there for me,

I will be there for you.

muller01 | College Park Vet Blog

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