Mar 25 2014

Clinic Update

Whew! That was exhausting!  All that edumacation will wear a body out!

Its time to take a break from education to let everyone know what is going on at the clinic.

–  We have seen a record number of bite/attack/fight wounds, multiple kennel cough infections, and have recently diagnosed four or five heartworm positive dogs in the past two weeks.  None of these things are new or surprising, and quite frankly its typical of the season we are in currently.

–  Two dogs recovered fully from a near-fatal overdose of Ibuprofen.  They stayed about three days at our Emory/Morningside location since it is now a 24 hour facility.  Take-home messages:  Watch those bottles – you never know what your animal might think is a treat.

–  Our most noteworthy update involves our animals at the clinic looking for homes.  We have rescued three animals (two cats and one dog) who are now up for adoption.  I have already touched on this on facebook, but I wanted to take a little more time telling each story.


Nash (pictured left) is a about four years old.  She came to us with multiple wounds as a stray.  We rehabilitated her and got her adopted a year ago, but because of family/health concerns from the owner, Nash was returned to us.  She really is a great cat, and Is very friendly although she may be best as an only cat.

Pie (pictured right) is eleven years old.  She came to us from an individual who had to move and could not bring the cat.  We normally don’t take in healthy adult cats just because someone is moving, but we decided to give Pie one more chance.  Pie is also very loving and has adjusted well to clinic life, but would love a home to roam around in.

Our last BAF animal is a small schnauzer who came to us through some difficult circumstances.  He has since rebounded nicely and is now acting like a normal schnauzer with an extra dose of love to give.  Everyone who meets this little guy is won over by his winsome personality.  His case is a little special, but we are still looking for a forever home for this little fighter.

Let us know if you or a friend/family member is looking for a new addition to the family.  These three may not be your typical puppy or kitten, but they are all some of our most affectionate and striking animals we have had for adoption from College Park, with some of the saddest stories.  What a win-win for adoption!

-Doc Cleland


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