Apr 02 2014

I love you, warts and all…

This will be a short post (and I deleted my April Fools post so no one will get confused), but I wanted to make a quick blurb about our new Cryo unit.

What is Cryotherapy, you ask?

When cells freeze, the water in them expands.  This expansion causes the cell walls to rupture which obviously leads to cell death.  By freezing very specific cells very quickly, we can use extreme cold for our advantages.


This unit uses liquid nitrogen to make a very cold stream.  We can apply the extreme cold to a specific location to kill any cells in the immediate area.  This feature is great with small warts, cysts or masses.  It kills surrounding cells without much (if any) collateral damage and without the need of anesthesia or pain.  This allows the growth to be taken care of while it is still small without much fanfare or trouble.  People who have had warts frozen off say it feels like the pressure from a ballpoint pen but it is not very painful.

One of the most common locations that warts become troublesome is the eyelid.  They are almost always benign, but they can cause problems when they rub on the cornea.  Removal with cryotherapy is by far the easiest way to take care of these before the problem starts.

I am blogging about this not so much because it is revolutionary and new, but because I wanted everyone to know we have the capacity to take care of small warts now – before they need surgery.

– Doc Cleland

muller01 | College Park Vet Blog

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