Helped By BAF

Briarcliff Animal Foundation has been helping animals all over Atlanta since it was founded in 2005. These are just a few of the hundreds of happy endings BAF has helped come true.

Meet Peanut

Peanut 1

Two Emory Law students brought Peanut to Briarcliff Animal Foundation after finding him underneath their porch with severe damage to his jaw. It looked as though Peanut had been hit by a car or fallen out of a tree. Either way, the damage was severe enough to prevent eating, drinking, and even closing his mouth. Without help, it’s unlikely that the stray could have survived much longer. Despite the painful injury, Peanut remained incredibly calm and affectionate throughout the initial examination of his jaw by BAF founder, Dr. Peter Muller. Our doctors concluded that Peanut needed his jaw wired shut as soon as possible for healing to begin taking place. Unfortunately, this surgery is expensive, and the wonderful students who brought Peanut in simply could not afford it. So the Briarcliff Animal Foundation has stepped in to insure Peanut gets the care and attention he needs. Peanut is now healed and has found his forever home with a loving family.

Meet Nala



Nala is an incredibly friendly young cat. In addition to being strikingly beautiful, she’s extremely laid-back and loves to be handled. Unfortunately, Nala’s chances of being adopted into the loving family she deserves diminished as soon as she developed a stone that blocked urine flow from her left kidney to the bladder. As a result, her left kidney had to be removed. Cats, like people, can live normal lives with only one kidney, but care has to be taken with her diet.

After only two weeks on a special diet that dissolves/ prevents kidney stones, Nala was completely STONE FREE! Her new owner now has her on this special diet and is being monitored regularly for new stones.

Bunny, the happy tripod kitty



Bunny was brought to BAF after being found by construction workers inside the walls of a condemned building. He was in pretty bad shape when he came to us. Bunny’s injuries were so severe, his right front leg had to be amputated. But Bunny has been getting along just fine without it. He ‘s currently a happy, healthy tripod kitty living with his new family in Atlanta, GA.

Taylor, the wounded puppy



Taylor was a 6-month-old dog who came to BAF with a large open wound on her left shoulder. We’re not quite sure how the wound was inflicted. She may have been hit by a car, or was perhaps involved in a particularly aggressive dog fight. Briarcliff Animal Foundation funded and repaired her shoulder wound and spay. Within days, a loving family came forward to adopt Taylor and she’s currently living in a great new home.


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