Animal Support Programs

Veterinary Care for Injured and Sick Animals in Need
The Foundation provides funding for various medical treatments for indigent and stray animals. Dogs and cats that would otherwise go untreated can receive medical care.

Purrfect Pet” Adoption Program

Funding from the Briarcliff Animal Foundation provides necessary veterinary care for adoptable cats who might otherwise be euthanized and helps find them new homes.

BAF Reaches Out to Atlanta’s Animal Community

The Foundation’s outreach programs support local animal-related causes located in Atlanta neighborhoods. From providing animal therapy to patients in hospitals, improvement to Atlanta’s Off-Leash Dog Park, and support of pets belonging to people with critical illnesses, the Foundation is making a difference in the quality of life of animals in our area.

Education for Animal Health Care Professionals

Support of the University of Georgia Veterinary School insures the best students, regardless of finances, are able to become animal health care professionals.

Parvovirus Program

Parvovirus, known as Parvo, is a viral infection that attacks the lining of the digestive system. It causes dogs and puppies to not be able to absorb nutrients or liquids. If left untreated, vomiting and diarrhea occur. In many cases dehydration, shock, and death will follow. The treatment for Parvo must be immediate with supportive therapy of IV or sub-cutaneous fluids and antibiotics to prevent dehydration and loss of proteins. If a patient makes it through the first 3-4 days, they can make a quick recovery and be back on their feet in about a week. After this initial period it is important to keep the patient in isolation to be certain they are no longer contagious. The treatment and recovery period will last approximately one month.

Briarcliff Animal Foundation would like to initiate a program which addresses the specific needs of Parvo patients in our community. We currently receive animals from shelters, animal rescue organizations and individuals who have contracted Parvo. Given the treatment aforementioned, these animals can recover and be reintroduced back into their home or available for adoption if given the proper amount of recovery time.

Once the animal has been successfully treated for Parvo, it is important they be isolated until they are no longer contagious. Currently the Foundation does not have the necessary funds to house a Parvo patient in isolation to full recovery.

Additional funding would make it possible to add a quarantined area, specifically designed to care for and house Parvo patients. Once a patient has been successfully treated for Parvo they are no longer contagious and can be placed with other dogs and in a loving home. The proper care along with education would save many patient lives.

Atlanta Humane Society Program

The Atlanta Humane Society operates a shelter for stray and surrendered companion animals and provides adoption services for companion animals in residence.  Briarcliff Animal Foundation (BAF) provides medical treatment to the Atlanta Humane Society. Once animals are received in to AHS, if they require medical care such as radiology, orthopedic surgeries, castration, spay, heartworm treatment, or Parvo treatment they are sent to BAF. The average cost per patient is $929.26 with a length of stay between 1-7 days. In a 4 month period in 2008 the Foundation spent $25,109 seeing 27 patients over $50,000 during the year of 2008.

Ruffus Rescue Program

Ruffus Rescue is an organization which removes adoptable dogs from kill shelters. A large portion of the dogs come from a shelter in North Georgia. Once an animal has been removed from the shelter, they are inspected for medical needs, treated and are ready for adoption. Ruffus rescue holds weekly adoptions on Saturdays and Sundays at the Pet Supermarket on North Druid Hills road in Atlanta. Each pet has a bio/history describing their personality, age and needs.

Briarcliff Animal Foundation (BAF) provides the necessary medical treatment to Ruffus Rescue. Procedures provided to Ruffus Rescue patients range from routine treatment such as spays, castrations, vaccinations, boarding, baths and patient exams to more complex and expensive treatments such as heartworm treatments, parvo treatment, and orthopedic surgeries. In 2008, BAF spent $18,746 on 43 patients. The average cost per patient was $435.95 and the length of stay was 1-3 days.

As reciprocation in kind, Ruffus Rescue also shows any Briarcliff Animal Foundation dogs which needs adoption.

Online Donation Instructions

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