Pet Services

Looking for veterinary services in College Park, GA?

Briarcliff Animal Clinic of College Park offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses
  • Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  • Pet surgery including spay and neuter
  • Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases
  • And many more

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in College Park, GA, call Briarcliff Animal Clinic of College Park today at (404) 835-1222 or make an appointment now.

  • Additional Services

  • Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

  • Emergency and/or Extended Care

    In an emergency, seconds count. Emergency care is offered during regular business hours. In addition, our Emory location has recently expanded to include walk-in and urgent care 24/7. For emergencies, just call our main number at 404-874-6393.…

  • Grooming

    Treat your pet to a luxurious bath. Our special, cleansing baths remove dirt, debris and pet odors. Your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. For scratching problems, our medical baths contain soothing agents that help stop the itching. …

  • Health Screening Tests

  • Medical Services

  • Nutritional Counseling

    Some pets require special food. All pets benefit from a balanced diet. Our trained and certified staff is available to help you chose the right food and diet for your pet to keep him or her healthy, healthy and active.…

  • Pharmacy

    We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field for our current client’s pets. Call in your prescriptions and refills to our hospital and your pet’s medications will be ready when you get there. We also offer mail…

  • Preventive and Wellness Services

    Keeping your pet healthy starts with preventative care. Ask us how we can help recommend vaccines, heartworm prevention or further wellness care.…

  • Surgical Services

    We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies. All pet patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are tailored to your pet. Surgical services and facilities include:…