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The Briarcliff Animal Foundation (BAF) is a volunteer based, non- profit organization formed exclusively to promote and provide funding for animal care.  The idea for BAF evolved as an outgrowth of The Briarcliff Animal Clinic.  The clinic had long been providing financial aid to stray and indigent animals who were ill or injured.  It was clear that there was a substantial need to help these animals on a much broader scale.

In 2005, the Briarcliff Animal Foundation was formed.  It was a groundbreaking year for the foundation and its President, Dr. Peter Muller, III.  He personally delivered over $30,000 in veterinary medical relief supplies to Hattiesburg, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.  Dr. Muller, a private pilot, airlifted medical supplies to veterinarians who were displaced as a result of the hurricane.  These supplies helped save the lives of many animals, including dogs and horses which were sick and had been relocated from the coast.  Additionally, Dr. Muller airlifted stranded dogs back to Atlanta, who were treated and made available for adoption.  In total, eight trips were made in relation to the Hurricane relief efforts and were acknowledged in the May 2006 issue of Atlanta Magazine (“45 Atlantans We Love”).

BAF received 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2006.  Since then, the foundation has vaccinated and placed around 100 pets to local families and spent $45,000 on stray pets or pets belonging to clients without the financial ability to care for their pet in crisis.

The Briarcliff Animal Foundation’s approach is unique in that it offers medical treatment to injured and sick stray animals along with well care.  Their “Purrfect Pet” adoption program provides necessary veterinary care for adoptable cats that might otherwise be euthanized.



Dr. Peter Muller, III, joined his father and other veterinarians at Briarcliff after graduating summa cum laude from University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.  His interests lie in internal medicine and surgery.  He has been board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, and currently is the Medical Director of our hospital.  Dr. Muller says that his favorite part of being a vet is “working with families, kids and pets to solve medical, surgical and behavioral problems.”  He and his wife, Jamie, have 3 daughters, 2 cats,  and a poodle named Rudy.   Dr. Muller’s hobbies include playing with his daughters and pets, aviation, hiking and going to the gym.

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